Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Poaching is a serious issue that needs to be tackled urgently. Illegal killings of elephants are rising as sadly proven by the 5 elephants poached in Botswana in May 2013.

Anthea Technologies and its authorized reseller for UN and NGOs, Danoffice IT, have decided to contribute through a Corporate Social Responsibility activity named AGAINST POACHING.
We want to help and we are involved. In this respect, we have participated to the symposium organized by Zoological Society of London on growing use of new technologies for monitoring biodiversity. We have visited reserves in South-Africa, Kenya and Nigeria to pilot test our Huginn X1 “state of the art” conservation UAV. A tool that can help the international wildlife community to stop the illegal trade.

We believe that:

  • Fight against poaching is an important cause for our environment
  • Information Technologies are part of the solution

We want to build awareness, donate and bring technologies to support this cause.

Join the movement now:


Danoffice IT joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2007, being part of the world´s largest sustainability & citizenship initiative. A network-based initiative with the Global Compact Office and six UN agencies at its core.


The Global Compact involves all relevant social actors: companies, whose actions it seeks to influence; governments, labour, civil society organizations, and the United Nations as an authoritative convener and facilitator.
Danoffice IT wishes to demonstrate our continuing commitment by documenting our progresses made on the ten principles in an annual Communication On Progress (COP) report. The ten CSR principles have been integrated in all organizational levels from strategic, to tactical and operational level. Our Communication On Progress (COP) will communicate the progresses made to the international society for documentation and inspiration. Danoffice IT COP 2013 report is a part of the ”Statutory Statement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the annual report for 2012, cf. the Danish Financial Statement Act, § 99a.”

Being part of the global society, Danoffice IT believes it is important to have an active Corporate Social Responsibility policy and operating according to the values we believe in. Our CSR and progresses on the subject are communicated to our partners and staff through company staff manual, posters placed within our premises and on the Danoffice corporate web site.

Download Danoffice IT Communication on Progress 2014 here

You can download historical CSR/COP documentation here below:

Danoffice IT Communication on Progress 2013

Danoffice IT Communication on Progress 2012

Danoffice IT Communication on Progress 2011

Danoffice IT Communication on Progress 2010